For the Media

Posted on May 12, 2013

For the Media

Newspaper articles, and printed publications about Dave’s adventures.

Radio Show interviews that I’ve done.

Television Appearances

I was interviewed on the Bolivian talk show, “Que no me pierdes con John Arrandia.” Don’t Lose Me with John Arrandia. I talk about adventuring on the bicycle, and my motivation for doing it. The program is a cross between Jay Leno and 60 Minutes in Bolivia. It’s in Spanish.

The show was rebroadcast all through Latin America, and I met random people from all over, Colombians, Dominicans due to that show.

Interviewed on the world’s third largest television network, TV Globo, in Matto Grosso do Sul, Brazil, later rebroadcast throughout Brazil.

Interviewed on Programa Credencial with Jany Lima, Maringa, Brazil.

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